Approval of inscriptions

PET Pesca, through this, makes public the approval of registrations of students interested in participating in the selection process offered by the Edital N° 01/2022/PET PESCA/UFRA.


Camilly Pereira Duarte (1° Semestre)

Danielly Beltrão Brito  (1° Semestre)

Eliane Da Silva Da Cruz  (5° Semestre)

Emily de Lima Barbosa (3° Semestre)

Ingrid de Nazaré Pinheiro Castro (7° Semestre)

Izabelle Tavares da Costa (5° Semestre)

Mário Rômulo Fagundes de Lima (1° Semestre)

Nathalia da Cruz Xavier (1° Semestre)

Paulo Guilherme Ferreira Ricardo (3° Semestre)

Victória Monteiro Castelhano (3° Semestre)

Yasmin Kellen Chagas Batista (1° Semestre)

Please pay attention for the dates in the notice, we’ll be in touch and good luck to the participants!


Download (PDF, 136KB)


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