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Ana Beatriz Ferreira da Silva
Ana Beatriz Ferreira da Silva
Graduate student / Scholarship Holder
Student of the 1st semester of Fisheries Engineering, joined the Tutorial Education Program in 2020.
Bruna Martins Viégas Pinheiro
About Us
Bruna Martins Viégas PinheiroEstudante de graduação / Bolsista Discente do 1° semestre do curso de Engenharia de Pesca na Universidade Federal...
Danielly Beltrão Brito
Danielly Beltrão Brito
Graduate student / Scholarship Holder
Student of the second semester of Fisheries Engineering, joined the Tutorial Education Program in 2020.
David do Nascimento Oliveira
David do Nascimento Oliveira
Undergraduate student / Scholarship holder
Joined the graduation in 2017. He is currently a Fellow of the PET Pesca group and a member of the junior company.

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What People Say About Us

In addition to the integration of PET groups in the state of Pará, FORPET provides a discussion of issues of relevance to the program, planning joint activities and exchanging experiences. The Forum has also proven to be an excellent environment for the promotion of ideas and proposals for the improvement of groups, which, of course, translates into improvements in university and society actions.

Nayara Mastub Souza (FORPET)
Nayara Mastub SouzaInterlocutor of PET groups at Federal Rural University of Amazonia (UFRA)

The PET group forum is an integration event, debates and struggles for the improvement of PET groups in the state of Pará and where we take our guidelines for discussion at regional and national level. An event of great relevance is also marked by the day of action, where we show our work to society.

Rafael Gomes Viana (FORPET)
Prof. Dr. Rafael Gomes VianaProfessor of the Socioambiental and Water Resources Institute and tutor of the PET Agronomy group

For the good progress of the Tutorial Education Program, FORPET has been a space for important discussions on the activities of groups in the state of Pará, serving as a stage for exchange of experiences, integration and value added to the process of scientific, human, social and ethics of students.

Gracialda Costa Ferreira (FORPET)
Prof. Dr. Gracialda Costa FerreiraProfessor of the Institute of Agrarian Sciences and tutor of the PET Forest Group

The group is strong, kind and works in harmony with the indissociability between teaching, research and extension, being a facilitator in the process of building participatory knowledge. It will certainly continue to reach various levels of society.

Jonas Elias Castro da Rocha
Prof. Jonas Elias Castro da RochaExtension Pro-Rector Assistant of the Federal Rural University of Amazonia

It's a very lively and serious group that is motivating everyone around. That's it, the word of order is MAKE IT HAPPEN. Count on me whenever you need!!!

Eduardo Paes
Prof. Dr. Eduardo PaesProfessor at the Federal Rural University of Amazonia and leader of the research group Marine Ecology and Fisheries Oceanography of the Amazon

The activities developed under the Tutorial Education Program make the professionals involved more competitive in the labor market, as well as citizens who are more engaged and concerned about the world around them.

Marcos Ferreira Brabo
Prof. Dr. Marcos Ferreira BraboProfessor at the Federal University of Pará / Bragança Campus and tutor of the PET Fisheries group at UFPA