2019 annual planning

The PET Pesca group makes its 2019 annual plan public, which can be accessed here: https://www.pesca.pet/planejamento/, developing the following teaching, research and extension projects, under the guidance of tutor Marko Herrmann :

– Elaboration of the biological collection of PET Pesca,
– Multidisciplinary distance exchange,
– Guidance and training of UFRA students,
– How much is our fish worth?
– group search,
– Production of fish by-products,
– PET action day,
– PETssoma – Monitoring program for fishing students with difficulties,
– PET To Go Out,
– Fishing graduates give the hint,
– PET in schools,
– Training workshop for petians,
– Participation of PET Pesca in the meetings of the PET groups and —-organization of FORPET,
– Qualification in the foreign language for petianos from PET Pesca,
– PET Fishing Birthday,
– My petian friend,
– Project to edit and manage the website http://www.pesca.pet, using a content management system,
– ornamental fish parasites,
– Advanced scientific methodology for petians from PET Pesca e
– Meetings of the PET Pesca group with the tutor.

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