Academic Performance Assessment

During the 2021.1 semester, the PET Pesca group carried out analyzes of the Academic Income Index (IRA) data, in order to evaluate the academic performance of Petians, since this performance is one of the parameters valued by the Program to promote adequate training of its participants. As a result, we obtained the following descriptive statistics:

Average Academic Achievement Index of the 14 Petians: 8.0

Standard Deviation: 0.6

Variance: 0.36

Amplitude: 2.31

The results were satisfactory. It is worth mentioning that the IRA was used as a criterion for the selection of students in the practical discipline of Oceanographic Instrumentation, where, of the 17 students selected, 6 are Petians:

Ana Carolina

Cassia Vieitas

Felipe Silva

Lucas Mota

Matheus Almeida

Rafaela Horst

We would like to congratulate the students on their academic performance and reiterate the importance of maintaining this performance, in order to assist in the differentiated training of students.

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