Aldry Lorran Da Silva E Souza

My entry into the PET group took place in the first half of 2013, I was in full admiration for the course and Decided to participate in the selection process to acquire more knowledge and academic and professional growth.
In fact, that’s what happened, with the group I had the opportunity to carry out projects focused on extension and research, developed an entrepreneurial vision and dedicated to the sustainable growth of the profession,we had opportunities to conduct courses, lectures and holiday internships, in which they served as preparation for the post-training challenges. I know that my time in the PET group was fundamental to my relationship with the profession and with the academic environment focused on research. My intention is to carry petian DNA for the rest of my life.
The closure of the link with the PET group took place in 2016, at the end of my graduation, after 3 years of dedication to the group.

Currently I am a master’s student of the Graduate Program in Aquaculture and Tropical Aquatic Resources – UFRA. I have a small fish farm in operation in the municipality of Acará / PA, in which I was responsible for the process of implementation and commercial operation.


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