III- capacitates Pet

III- Enables PET: Rstudio beyond statistics: processing of satellite images in R language.
The I-Capacita PET and the II-Capacita PET were very successful and could count on the presence of several academics from different institutions and areas of study.

With this, the PET Pesca Group of the Federal Rural University of the Amazon invites you to participate in the III-Capacita Pet that will take place in a digital way, through the Google Meet platform. In addition, the course will present a certain topic:

Rstudio beyond statistics: Processing of satellite images in R language. The same will be taught by the Master’s student in Remote Sensing at the University of Porto/Portugal, Joelen Cruz. (10/08/20) at 14:00.
Important: 100 places are being made available for students with certificate issuance. Interested parties must complete the following form:


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