Internship at Arapaima Brasil


The members of the PET Pesca group Felipe Junior, Nilo Neto and Pablo Jastes, volunteered to do an internship at Project Arapaima Import. Export. Ltda. Where two experimental works are being developed whose titles are:  “Nutrition, larviculture and reproduction of Loricariidae” e “Ornamental fish parasites” which aims to adequately understand the nutritional and reproductive dynamics of Loricariideos and identify the parasitic fauna of these fish. The projects have been running since 2018 and continue to the present day.
The PET Pesca Group thanks the collaboration of the Arapaima Project and the Fisheries Engineers trained at the Federal Rural University of the Amazon (UFRA) Igor Takeru and Dediane Souza, currently employees of the company, who contribute a lot to the strengthening of the partnership between the group and the company, thus allowing the continuity of the PET Pesca research projects. It is worth emphasizing the importance of the stage that results in papers presented at conferences e professional growth of its members!

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