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Knowledge is the greatest power of all, and we want your help to continue this battle. On the 13th of September we will leave for Natal/RN to participate in the Brazilian Congress of Aquaculture and Aquatic Biology, AQUACIÊNCIA 201< /span>8, where we will present the following works, representing the undergraduate course in Fishing Engineering< /a>, or Socio-environmental and Water Resources Institute (ISARH) and < strong>Federal Rural University of the Amazon (UFRA).

We believe that education changes the world, and we need to unite in this cause, so we are committed to seeking sponsorship, help us achieve this goal, your investment will be transformed into knowledge, Any help is appreciated.

Submitted abstracts:

  1. Aline Leão, Joelen Cruz, Taiana Passos (submitted). Capture per unit of effort (CPUE) in the district of Icoaraci, Belém – PA.
  2. Aline Leão, Renan Matangrano, Jorge Cardoso, Marko Herrmann (submitted). Population structure and growth of ichthyofauna in the praquiquara river microbasin, middle apeú eastern amazon.
  3. Cibele Freire, Edilson Matos, Marko Herrmann (submitted). Occurrence of parasites of the Bucephalidae family in Donax hanleyanus (Plilippi, 1847) in the province of Beunos Aires, Argentina.
  4. David Oliveira, Heloisa Mendes, Beatriz Dias, Leonardo Cardoso, Felipe Junior (submitted). Socioeconomic profile of fish consumers at the Terra Firme fair, Belém – PA.
  5. Hana Pinto, Allef Silva, Lidiane Santos (submitted). Shrimp sales at street markets in Belém do Pará.
  6. Joelen Cruz, Aline Leão, Taiana Passos, Cibele Freire (submitted). Tupinambá Community Bank: A Case Study on Mosqueiro Island, Belém, Pará, Eastern Amazon.
  7. Jorge Cardoso, Andreone Almeida, Elton Silva, Marcel Pinheiro, Alexandre Martins (submitted). CPUE characterization in the municipality of Colares Belém, Pará.
  8. Luiz Passos, Joseli Silva, Raissa Rodrigues, Rosana Silva (approved, type of presentation: poster). Characterization of the marketing of fresh fish from the fair at the Belém-Pará junction.
  9. Matheus Silva, Emely Rodrigues, William Carvalho, Cibele Oeiras, Marko Herrmann (passed, type of presentation: oral). Filtration rate of Prisodon obliquus (Bivalvia Hyriidae).
  10. Rafaela Costa, Rosana Silva, Valdo Abreu, Mara Barros, Wagner Santos, Rafael Chagas, Marko Herrmann (submitted). Growth of oysters Crassostrea spp. grown on the Brazilian coast.
  11. Renan Matangrano, Aline Leão, Jorge Cardoso, Marko Herrmann (submitted). Ichthyofauna biodiversity in the praquiquara river microbasins, middle apeú, central Amazon.
  12. Taiana Passos, Aline Leão, Joelen Cruz, Izabella Penha (submitted). Channels and marketing margins for fish landed on Mosqueiro Island, Belém, Pará, Eastern Amazon.
  13. Trycia Sousa, Ana Jesus, Cibele Freire, Valdo Abreu, Marko Herrmann (submitted). Conchiliomorphometry and allometric growth of the shell of Phrontis vibex (Say, 1822) (Gastropoda: Nassaridae) in Baia do Caete, Pará, Brazil.
  14. Trycia Sousa, Wagner Santos, Cibele Freire, Valdo Abreu, Marko Herrmann (submitted). Occurrence of sipuncula in the bottom trawl fishery off the northern coast of Brazil.
  15. Valdo Abreu, Rafael Chagas, Mara Barros, Wagner Santos, Marko Herrmann (submitted). Application of the Shape Stabilization Indicator (IEF) in Zebra Neritine (Bruguière, 1792) (Gastropoda: Neritidae).
  16. David do Nascimento Oliveira, Wagner Cesar Rosa dos Santos, Rafael Anaisce das Chagas, Marko Herrmann (passed, type of presentation: oral). Particularities of the ecological relationship between molluscs on the Amazon platform.
  17. Lucas Garcia Martins, Marko Herrmann, Rafael Anaisce das Chagas (submitted). Plurality of growth studies with oysters Crassotrea spp.
  18. Luiz Fernando Gomes dos Passos, Mara Rúbia Ferreira Barros, Rafael Anaisce das Chagas, Marko Herrmann (submitted). biomorphometry of Prisodon obliquus (Bivalvia: Hyriidae) from the Maratauíra River, Pará.

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