Today members of our PET Pesca group started to recover the public space in the Fishing Engineering building.

Phase 1: Deep cleaning of the water source. -> done!
Phase 2: Mowing grass around the water source. -> done!
Phase 3: Dredging the side channels and reusing the stones as a substrate for the water source. -> 1/4 completed.
Phase 4: Acquisition of fish suitable for the water source. -> planned for Monday.
Phase 5: Replanting the side channels with Heliconias (in planning, who can donate plants to us?)
Phase 6: Unlevelling and placing wooden boardwalk around the water source. -> in planning.

As you have surely noticed, we need a reinforcement of people to be able to carry out our planned tasks. Therefore, we invite all Petians from fishing and other PET groups, members of CAEP and ACEEP Jr, as well as undergraduate and graduate students and professors to help us. That way we can all create a more pleasant study and work space.

If you want to stay inside our boat and help, please contact Luiz who organizes this activity.

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