PET To go out 2021: Official note

Through this, the PET Pesca UFRA group informs that unfortunately the reception activity for the freshmen of the class of 2021, the titled: “PET To go out”, was suspended due to the Covid-19. We understand that carrying out face-to-face activities without Petians and participants being fully immunized can pose risks to the health and integrity of those involved. In addition, the realization in digital format would not be able to meet the demand of the event, given that several practices are applied, making the application impossible. We were also not allowed access to the place where we traditionally held the event, the Fazenda Escola de Castanhal (FEC), where there is the necessary structure for the activities to be carried out. We hope that the class understands and continues to take care of itself so that in the near future we can regularize the performance of activities

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