UFRA Women’s Week 2018


From 6 to 8 March, the UFRA Women’s Week 2018, in honor of International Women’s Day, where it was held for the first time in all campuses of the institution bringing the theme “The Force We Are.”

On campus Bethlehem to petiana Taiana Passos participated in the organization of the event that included various cultural and dynamic activities, including a photographic exhibition, lectures and fairs, with topics of great relevance for the academic and social formation of women and men, debating on issues such as “The Challenges of Women in Agrarian Sciences “And” Gender Issues in Teaching Work and Teaching “.

PET Pesca congratulates one of the main Deputy director Profa. Dr. Ruth Almeida and Adm. Victor Oliveira and stresses the importance of activities related to this theme that will certainly influence the female empowerment and career of female students, faculty and servants of UFRA.

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