Final result of the 3. Selection

The PET Pesca group – Tutorial Education Program in Fisheries Engineering, after selection process finalized by the Evaluation Committee, composed of the members of the examining board Prof. Dr. rer. Nat. Marko Herrmann (President), Prof. Dr. Rafael Gomes Viana (1st Examiner), Prof. Dr. Marcos Ferreira Brabo (2nd Examiner), Interlocutor of PET / UFRA Nayara Mastub Souza (3rd Examiner) and by PET students Fishing (4th Examiner), announces the final result of the selection of scholars and non-scholarship holder, according to EDITAL no. 03/2017/PETPESCA/UFRA:

1. Matheus Silva de Almeida (Scholarship holder),
2. Trycia Ciellen Lima de Sousa (Scholarship holder),
3. Luiz Fernando Gomes dos Passos (Non-scholarship holder) and
4. Michel Martins Bandeira (Non-scholarship holder).

We congratulate the new entrants and hope that our partnership is productive for all of us.

Final result to download in PDF format

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