IV INTERPESCA – succssesfully done

The PET Pesca group thanks all those who participated in the IV INTERPESCA, ccollaborating with the real objective of the event: integration of students, teachers, technicians and outsourced workers, in general all those who have a link with our institution, as well as students from other HEIs in favor of encouraging sports and quality of life. In total, they signed up 165 people, being 20 women e 145 men of several courses from UFRA and partner universities in the modalities of men’s and women’s futsal, men’s court volleyball, table tennis and chess.

We are especially grateful to Atlética Brutal and PET Agronomia that were present at the last edition of INTERPESCA, and we look forward to their participation in future events of the PET Pesca group. Congratulating the current champions of IV INTERPESCA, as well as everyone who collaborated for the good development and integration of the participants. After all, that’s what we expect from our event: to bring together the entire UFRA community, without any kind of distinction, in favor of sport and leisure.

We could not fail to highlight the excellent participation of Phelipe Favacho de Sousa Agrassar, a student in Fisheries Engineering, as a volunteer.

Finally, we acknowledge the presence of the Deputy Dean of Extension Teacher Jonas Elias Castro da Rocha, who participated in men’s futsal together with his team from the sports division.

Below is the list of event champions and their respective prize, noting that the total amount of R$545 was raised, which was converted into the following prizes:


  • Men’s Futsal: Environmental Machine (Four times champion in the modality) – R$250
  • Women’s futsal: Paint Horse – R$60
  • Men’s court volleyball: Karasuno  – R$120
  • Chess: Denner – R$35
  • Table tennis: Gabriel – R$ 80



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