Freshman Reception 2017

From May 31 to June 2, 2017, the PET Pesca Group held the 2017 Fishing Engineering Freshman Training. This event, held at Fazenda Escola de Castanhal, shows a broader view of the course, involving planned activities and carried out by the members of the PET group, which this year had the contribution of the Tropical Benthic Ecology Research Group (EBT) and volunteer students of the course, in addition to the guidance of tutor Marko Herrmann.

Among others, the following activities were carried out: (1) Ichthyofauna survey, (2) biometry, (3) morphometry, (4) net-tank fishing, (5) flow calculation, (6) agricultural area mapping with GPS , (7) preparation of ponds, (8) study of parasites, (9) layout of the farm, (10) making fishing nets and (11) leisure activities.

The training in a dynamic and didactic way provided the experience of the course for its new students, stimulating, mainly, teamwork and learning, aiming to reduce their dropout. The PET Pesca group thanks everyone involved for participating and looks forward to seeing you at the next events organized by the group.

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